iPhone 12 built-in 5nm A14 bionic chip, battery life is longer, performance is more outstanding

Apple’s work for bionic chips was very special from the beginning.
For example, the A13 Bionic phone surpasses its competitors in almost all respects and makes the iPhone 11 series one of the most effective smartphones on the market.


The A14 Bionic phone is expected to appear in the iPhone 12 or iPhone 11s series after this year. There is no doubt that it will provide better performance than the A13 Bionic phone and its predecessor.
It is supported by the 5nm A14 bionic hardware built into the iPhone 12, which means that for ordinary users, the iPhone ’s battery time is longer than ever and its power is also greater. This may be quite amazing because the battery life of the iPhone 12 is currently the longest Apple battery life we ​​have ever seen.

We hope that Apple will re-add a fingerprint reader because when it comes to facial recognition, the phone does not turn on as flexibly as it should. But we also need facial recognition on the screen, or better yet, give the full display a large fingerprint reader, because there are rumors that Apple may design a fingerprint reader for future mobile phones so that the interaction between Apple phones and animation It will look silky smooth.


Then we will think that the Apple screen will have a higher refresh rate. Especially the refresh rate of some professional iPad models is up to 120Hz, so the future iPhone series will also increase the refresh rate.
If you want to make your phone have a long life, you might consider buying an iPhone 12 this year. iPhone 12 needs more hardware, especially the newer A14 hardware. Five years later, Apple may stop supporting iOS on A13, while still providing updates for products using A14, so the A14 processor has a longer lifespan.

In addition, since the iPhone 12 can add a Truedepth component to the first camera, it can help Apple develop any features that require it in the future. According to He Xiulan, the chief financial officer of TSMC, Apple is expected to launch a 5nm process processor in 2020. This means that the A14 processor will almost use 5nm technology, and the performance of mobile phones will be greatly improved. If you want to learn about the refurbished iPhone Kenya, please follow the blog of i-simu.com.

Apple Publishes New Tutorials for Live Photos and Portrait Selfies

Apple is no stranger to publishing tutorial videos, even for its brand new HomePod smart speaker, and the company is at it again for iPhone photography.

Today, Apple has officially uploaded three new tutorial videos on its official YouTube channel. The first of the bunch is entitled “How to create a bouncing Live Photo on iPhone”, while the other two are “How to edit a Portrait Selfie on iPhone X” and “How to shoot a Portrait Selfie on iPhone X”. Each of the videos is just over 30 seconds in length.

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Here is how Apple describes the video focused on bouncing Live Photos:

“Take your Live Photos to the next level by making them bounce. Explore more photography tips and techniques at https://apple.com/”

And the video itself:


And here is the company’s brief description for editing selfies on the iPhone X:


“Add Portrait Lighting effects even after you’ve taken the perfect selfie. Explore more photography tips and techniques at https://apple.com”

And the video:

Finally, here is how Apple describes the video for snapping a Portrait Selfie with the iPhone X:

Our Take

These videos are usually pretty quick and right to the point, and can be pretty helpful for folks who want a simple tutorial video on some of the new features tied to Apple’s latest products. Apple must be seeing quite a bit of traffic on them, because it keeps uploading new ones on a semi-regular basis. Even now, the new videos already have thousands of views.

Apple releases iOS 13.5 / iPadOS 13.5 developer preview beta 3

In the early hours of this morning, Apple began to push the beta version of iOS 13.5 / iPadOS 13.5 Developer Preview Beta 3 to start a new round of iOS / iPadOS system testing. The internal version of this update is 17F5054h. Earlier, Apple released iOS 13.4.5 / iPadOS 13.4.5 Developer Preview Beta 2 on April 16. iOS 13.5 Developer Preview Beta 3 brings the epidemic “exposure notification” function, and optimizes the facial recognition scene. If a mask is detected, it will skip the recognition step and enter the password interface.

iOS / iPadOS 13.5 beta 3 supports the following device updates:

iPhone: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone SE 2;

iPad: iPad Pro 1/2/3 (12.9), iPad Pro (11), iPad Pro (10.5), iPad Pro (9.7), iPad Air 2/3, iPad 5/6/7, iPad mini 4/5;

iPod Touch: iPod Touch 7

iOS / iPadOS 13.5 beta 3 upgrade method:

Users who want to experience the beta version need to pay attention to the following two issues before upgrading:

1. The beta version may be unstable or unknown. Before upgrading, please back up all data in the device in advance (full backup of Ais Assistant). It is not recommended to use the main machine to upgrade.

2. After the upgrade, it is not possible to downgrade to the iOS version whose Apple official verification has been turned off.

When buying a US version of the iPhone, sellers most commonly use several tricks

Some time ago, we summarized some of the seller’s words and tricks that may appear during the purchase of the US version of the device, but the tricks are always endless. Let’s take a look at what new tricks are available.
Lie 4-“U.S. devices are bare metal and no accessories are included”
After many consumers purchase the US version of the device, they will find that the headset, data cable, power adapter, etc. are not original accessories. The seller will still explain that “the US version of the device is very complicated, so there are no original accessories.” Find some photos of water passengers with machines tied to their bodies to testify.

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We have said in the previous article that there is more than one way to pass the US version of the device. The shipment of brand new US version equipment to China is still inactive, including a full set of original accessories. However, it will be unpacked, and there will be a mismatch between the fuselage and the packaging information.
Most of the so-called “no accessories” bare metal in the seller’s mouth are second-hand refurbished equipment.
Lie 5-“This is a brand new machine in the US version of the inventory, but only lost the official warranty”
This is a typical lie made by sellers to sell second-hand refurbished equipment. In fact, the “new machine” and “lost warranty” in the description are logically contradictory. There is no brand new equipment in the US version that has lost the warranty. The seller still describes the used or refurbished equipment.
There is also a so-called foundry machine on the market and sellers like the “Foxconn brand new machine” with special channels. The appearance of this device may be brand new, or there may be minor flaws, only bare metal, no accessories, this is a “BS” machine assembled by Foxconn OEM. All the accessories including but not limited to used and refurbished parts This kind of equipment auction is obtained by some channel vendors and then circulated to the retail channel of the electronic market. Some buyers will use fine imitation accessories to replace and pretend to be brand new equipment for external sales.
Myth 6-“GSX can be used to check whether it is a refurbished machine”
When many consumers buy US-version equipment, many sellers will vow to ensure that the equipment is free of problems, and they can pass “GSX to check whether it is a refurbished machine” if they are not worried. The seller highly praises it and strongly recommends using the GSX method to verify the device, which is actually not very effective and may only bring psychological comfort to consumers.
The refurbished machine we are talking about here refers to the equipment that the seller replaces the original parts with non-original, non-orthodox, inferior quality parts or repaired used parts, and renovates the mobile phone without permission. And GSX is Apple’s official query tool, which can mainly query related information recorded by the device on Apple’s official website. Including equipment activation time, activation strategy, as well as official maintenance records and shutdown records.
Among them, the official warranty information can let consumers know the first activation time and remaining warranty time of the equipment they purchased. The activation time can be used to determine whether the purchased equipment is a brand new device. Free inquiry, no need to do more.
The activation strategy information is mainly to determine whether the purchased equipment contains an activation lock, which has no effect on whether the equipment is a used refurbished machine.
By querying the repair case, we can only know whether the purchased equipment is repaired or replaced by Apple ’s official, mainly for the difference between the brand new machine and the official replacement, but it has no effect on whether the machine is a second-hand refurbished machine Any device, as long as it has not been repaired by Apple’s official after-sales service, there will be no repair cases and related records, and it cannot be queried using GSX.
The information queried by GSX simply cannot completely check whether the device is brand new, so sellers who emphasize that they can pass the GSX inspection machine are required. A large part is liars.
As a consumer, it should have basic analysis and judgment capabilities. The seller will not obviously expose the fraud. Consumers need to use the information they know and use words to determine whether the other party is a fraud. https://www.i-simu.com/

refurbished iPhone xs max256g is the same price as iPhone11 128g, which one we should to choose?

iPhone XS Max is a flagship mobile phone launched by Apple at the fall product launch in September 2018. In terms of performance, XS Max is no worse than any flagship phone on the market. In terms of price, the 256G version of the iPhone XS refurbished is similar to the 128G version of the iPhone 11 that Apple just launched at the fall 2019 conference. The two mobile phones are compared below for reference.
1. Appearance comparison
iPhone 11 still continues the front of the previous wide-frame + LCD screen, and the metal middle frame is aluminum alloy. In terms of mobile phone color matching, iPhone 11 has six colors for users to choose from, although the colorful colors on the back look young and fashionable. The iPhone Xs Max uses an OLED screen, narrow bezel + stainless steel middle frame, and the texture improvement is not a little.
Second, performance comparison
iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 are two generations of products, but iPhone XS Max is the flagship model of the previous generation iPhone series, while iPhone 11 is the entry-level model of the new iPhone series, but the official sale of iPhone 11 is $ 780. The price is indeed attractive. The advantage of the iPhone 11 is that it is mainly equipped with Apple’s latest A13 bionic processor. This processor uses TSMC’s latest 7nm process, and the number of transistors on the surface has reached 8.5 billion. The number of transistors on the surface of the previous generation Apple A12 processor was only 6.9 billion. Judging from the official comparison chart, the performance of Apple A13 is about 20% higher than that of A12, but the power consumption has not increased much.
Third, the display comparison
The screen resolution of the iPhone 11 is only 1792 x 828 and the pixel density is only 326PPI (this may be the reason for the lower price). The iPhone XS Max has a screen resolution of 2688 x 1242 and a pixel density of 458PPI, which far exceeds the iPhone 11 in screen display and detail.
Fourth, take pictures and video
Although iPhone 11 and iPhone XS Max are dual cameras. But iPhone 11 is a combination of wide-angle + ultra-wide-angle lens, supports twice the optical zoom, you can shoot some relatively large scenes. The iPhone XS Max is a wide-angle and telephoto lens, the applicable scene will be more. In addition, only the main camera of the iPhone 11 supports optical image stabilization, and both lenses of iPhone XS Max support OIS optical image stabilization. But iPhone 11 supports night view mode. From the current point of view, its night view mode performance is very popular.
V. Endurance performance
iPhone XS Max is an OLED screen, and the power consumption will be relatively large, and it is not as long as the battery life of the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 has an hour longer than the iPhone XR. Therefore, the battery life of the iPhone 11 is definitely stronger than the iPhone XS Max. The editor has been using the iPhone XR for half a year, and its battery life is indeed better than all previous iPhone models.
In summary, although the iPhone XS Max has been on the market for more than 2 years, and the iPhone 11 has just been on the market, the price difference between the two new machines is still quite a lot. At present, on the third-party platform, the 256G version of the iPhone XS Max is priced at 1022 US dollars, and the 128G version of the iPhone 11 is priced at 851 US dollars. If you are pursuing the experience of new products, I personally recommend starting with the iPhone 11. If you are looking for a better screen experience, or users who like large-screen phones, the iPhone XS Max is still worth starting. Of course, if you consider buying refurbished iPhone XS Max, personally suggest that refurbished iPhone 11 is still a good choice.

What should I do if iPhone 11 fails to activate iMessage?

Before using iMessage on iPhone, you need to activate these features. If you see an error message during activation, such as “Waiting for activation”, “Unsuccessful activation”, “Activation error”, “Unable to log in”, etc., you can try to solve the problem by:

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Check device settings:
1. Please make sure your iPhone has been successfully connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi network. During the activation process, you may need to activate the phone number used by iMessage and FaceTime calls via SMS. This SMS may be charged, depending on your carrier.
2. Check the time setting: Go to “Settings”-“General”-“Date & Time” and make sure your time zone is set correctly.
Restart iMessage:
1. Go to “Settings”-“Messages” and then close iMessage.
2. Restart your device.
3. Reopen iMessage.
If activation is still not successful after one day:
It may take up to 24 hours to activate iMessage. If the problem persists after 24 hours, please follow these steps:
1. Make sure your iPhone can receive and send information at this time;
2. Try to update the device to the latest iOS version.
Try to use iMessage via email:
Go to “Settings”-“Messages”-“Send and Receive” and click Use Apple ID to log in to iMessage.
You can log in to your Apple ID account page and view all your registered email addresses, including the email address you are trying to verify. If the email address is incorrect, you can update it. Then tap “Resend” next to the email address you want to verify.

JPMorgan Chase speculates that the A14 chip will not be used for the 5G version of the iPhone 12

In a report from AppleInsider to investors, J.P. Morgan mentioned the rumor that the iPhone 12 A14 chip will be delayed by more than two quarters from the expected mass production time. However, JP Morgan said that Apple has approved the final design of 5nm A14, and soon began production.

JPMorgan Chase believes that the production of processor wafers for the new iPhone should begin in April-May, and TSMC is unlikely to encounter major bottlenecks in the production process. JPMorgan Chase believes that the growth of the 5nm process node in the fourth quarter of 19 and the first quarter of 20 is quite stable. However, this does not mean that iPhone 12 will be available in September. JPMorgan Chase believes that other factors may cause some delays, but this is not because of A14.
JPMorgan Chase believes that the first engineering verification test for “iPhone 12” is expected to be completed in April, which is later than in previous years. The production verification test and trial production test are scheduled to be carried out in late June, which is also later than in previous years. Due to testing and other economic factors, JPMorgan Chase believes that the shipment may be until October or November, rather than late September, which is no different from the iPhone X shipping schedule.
JPMorgan Chase believes that the release of new iPhone products this year will be delayed by 1-2 months, but will not be delayed by 1-2 quarters. The delay in the construction of the 5G network in the United States and the current lock-in is likely to cause a delay and are the main risks that appear when the 5G iPhone is launched. Apple can only launch an iPhone that supports mmWave 5G, and it will still launch a new iPhone with the A14 processor this fall. https://www.i-simu.com/

iOS 14 leaked code reveals Apple AR or VR controller and testing software

Based on data collected from the pre-release version of iOS14, it appears that Apple is using HTC Vive-like hardware to test its long-rumored augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headset.

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At this time, augmented reality is limited to devices such as the iPhone or iPad. The advancement of cameras on these devices and the new addition of LiDAR on the iPad Pro are increasingly showing Apple’s interest in further development of AR. It’s no secret that Apple is working on a new headset that could be launched as soon as 2021.
The leaked code for the internal version of iOS 14 shows some of the ways Apple tests its AR headsets. Apple is testing a geo-located bowling game that can be triggered at a junction near Apple’s office “Mathilda 3” at 555 N Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, California. The game allows users to use a crosswalk as a lane for bowling.
MacRumors also got a handle for testing, which is very similar to the HTC Vive handle. This will give developers more control over their test suites, but may also be a pioneer in delivering to user devices. used iPhone 6 price in Kenya

Analyst: Apple iPhone 11 / AirPods supply improved, production capacity is almost back to normal

According to foreign media reports, Gene Munster, an analyst at Loup Ventures, a well-known venture capital firm, recently released a report that the recent improvement in Apple’s key product supply means that after the closure of operations due to a new coronavirus epidemic in early 2020, Chinese suppliers’ capacity is nearing normalization.
Munster said that in the past two weeks, the supply of four key Apple products-64 GB iPhone 11, 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro, AirPods Pro and second-generation AirPods-has improved significantly in 13 countries (of course it may also be because Outbreak, reducing demand). Loup Ventures has been tracking the supply of Apple products since mid-February.
Specifically, the average iPhone shipment time is now two days, which is lower than the 6.7-day peak set on March 4. Similarly, AirPods shipment time has dropped from 10.6 days on March 4 to an average of 7.4 days. Although Munster was unable to clearly link these changes to increased supply, he believes that the reduction in delivery times has been largely driven by China’s restart of production.
Munster wrote: “The key variable in terms of Apple product supply over the past month has been the closure and restart of Chinese manufacturing and assembly facilities. After Apple announced on February 17 that the first quarter of this year’s revenue would be lower than expected within a few days “We see an extended product delivery period. But in the days following reports that China has resumed manufacturing, delivery conditions have begun to improve.”
In mid-February this year, Foxconn plans to restart production and restore production capacity to 50% by the end of February. By March 12, Foxconn had resumed normal operations, a few weeks ahead of schedule.
Apple is still responding to the effects of the new coronavirus epidemic, closing all retail stores outside Greater China this week to minimize the spread of the virus. In view of the outbreak, the company was also forced to adjust the way the annual global developer conference is held, and announced last week that the event would be held entirely online.

iOS / iPadOS 13.4 ultimate beta release: support touchpad operation

On the morning of March 19th, Apple officially launched the iOS 13.4 / iPadOS 13.4 beta update today. Prior to this, iOS 13.4 / iPadOS 13.4 has undergone 5 beta preview tests. This is the last test and it also means iOS 13.4. The official version is coming soon.
iOS 13.4 / iPadOS 13.4 beta will be given priority to developers / public beta channel users. The official version of iOS 13.4 / iPadOS 13.4 will be pushed to ordinary users on March 25.
Support touchpad operation
Apple just released the hard iPad Pro and a smart keyboard with a touchpad and backlight last night. IPadOS 13.4 also added support for the touchpad keyboard and mouse operation.
Apple introduced some new features and changes in iOS / iPadOS 13.4, including a new mail toolbar to separate the reply button and delete button to prevent users from accidentally deleting emails by accident.
In addition, a new “Shazam It” shortcut has been added to the shortcut application to identify songs. There is a new API called CarKey in iOS 13.4 that allows iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock, lock and launch compatible cars. The iPhone can also be turned into a car key.
In addition, iOS 13.4 introduced new emoji stickers and the ability to share iCloud cloud disk folders from the File App. This update also includes bug fixes and some improvements.

Apple used the iPhone platform

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